Fig. 1: Bad-Ass Heroine
We don't write stories about robots, or aliens, or even deadly plagues.  We write stories about people.  Sometimes, they are the kind of people we meet every day - quiet, hardworking, not at all aware that a deadly meteor is going to strike later this afternoon.  Other characters, however, know exactly what's going on.  They aren't surprised by the government's shadow conspiracy to sell our precious cupcakes to the sea monsters.
Writing the Human is meant to help you express human experience in science fiction.  Because we know that life doesn't stop just because an infestation of carnivorous grasshoppers has taken control of the downtown.

Through discussions and workshops, you'll learn to capture the thoughts, fears, and desires of your fictional characters.  We'll use memory and consciousness to understand perspective, and from there delve into writing a believable narrative.

Fig. 2: Newt?  Salamander?  Alien?  Disgruntled Veteran?
Fig. 3: Fifty-Foot Nematode.  Yes, he could eat your car.  But he's so adorable.
Please feel free to browse through the course materials.  Our Schedule offers a quick overview of the material we'll cover, and you can take a look at my Instructor Page to learn more about my teaching philosophy.