Reading List

What writing course would be complete without a good reading list?  Although this reading list is optional if you're taking the workshop online through 12Writing, these books are a good add-on to the course.  On the schedule, you'll see which readings complement which days.

Required for JHU Intersession
For "Writing the Human," I've selected six authors who address our major themes of Memory, Consciousness, and Narrative.  These books aren't necessarily "easy" reads, but I hope you'll find them as enjoyable as they are interesting.  We'll be packing a lot of reading and writing into the three weeks of Intersession, so you might want to start on the readings over break. We'll read the three novels in their entirety, so I recommend starting with these: Solaris, The Left Hand of Darkness, and Mother Night.  We'll only be reading selections from the three short story collections, and I'll have those selections listed in the syllabus.  They're taken from The Illustrated Man, The Minority Report, and Her Smoke Rose Up Forever.

Ray Bradbury: The Illustrated Man
Philip K. Dick: The Minority Report
Ursula K. Le Guin: The Left Hand of Darkness
Stanislaw Lem: Solaris
James Tiptree, Jr. (Alice Sheldon): Her Smoke Rose Up Forever
Kurt Vonnegut: Mother Night