Date Discussion Topics Recommended Reading
Week 1 Memory
Controlling the Information that Reaches the Reader. What does the protagonist know? How? How Soon

Day 1
Writing Science Fiction
Point of View

Day 2
Plunging Into the Past
Memory and Investigation
Memory, Action, and Plot 
Bradbury – “Kaleidoscope”
Bradbury “The Other Foot”
Dick – “If There Were No Benny Cemoli”
Tiptree – “The Women Men Don’t See”
Day 3
Introducing the Magic
Hard and Soft SF

Vonnegut – Mother Night
Week 2 Consciousness
What does it mean to think? What is the source of consciousness? To what degree is identity dependent upon physical form?

Day 4
Stephen Hawking and Posthuman Writers
Writing and Workshopping Plot

Lem – Solaris
Open Day
Special Topics: Learning to Write
Ray Bradbury on Writing Persistently
What Rosetta Stone Tells Us About Writing 
The Neurology of Training the Hands
Tiptree – “The Screwfly Solution”
Tiptree – “The Girl Who Was Plugged In”
Bradbury – “The City”
Bradbury – “The Exiles”
Day 5
Short Story Workshop Please read and comment on the works posted by your fellow classmates.
Week 3 Narrative
Telling the Story: How much of the plot depends upon the protagonist’s action? How much upon external conflict?

Day 6
Writing the Coherent Narrative Le Guin – The Left Hand of Darkness
Day 7
Bringing It All Together:
Character, Narrative, and Plotting
Dick – “The Minority Report
Dick – “What the Dead Men Say”
Bradbury – “The Last Night of the World”
Bradbury – “Marionettes, Inc.”
Day 8
Keep the Writing Going:
Creativity Exercises
Short Story Workshop 2